National park

Mljet National Park

Mljet National Park makes up most of the island. Located there are two salt water lakes – Veliko jezero and Malo jezero, the larger of which contains an island called St. Mary housing a Benedictine monastery.
Some of the best natural anchorages in the Adriatic are located in Polače, the biggest port of Mljet National Park.

Preserved from the Illyrian period, there are many fortifications and tombs in the Mljet National Park, and the best preserved are those on the hill of Veliki Gradac and the fortress at Vodice. The Roman Palace, which is the largest after Diocletian’s Palace in Split and the Arena in Pula, is a part of the valuable heritage of the island of Mljet.

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Cycling On Mljet

To really explore the island, the best way would be to grab a bicycle. This way you can explore all the small paths and hidden beaches, not just the main roads.

From the macadam paths ideal for mountain bikes to the asphalted roads for family sightseeing - cycling on Mljet offers a huge variety of different trails for everyone’s taste.


Explore The Clear Blue Waters By Kajak

The blue waters off of the coast of Mljet are among the most beautiful in the world, where unrivaled wildlife and untouched nature views abound.

Get an up close and personal experience with this natural paradise by kayaking.

Trekking on Mljet

We Love Trekking

For those who would like to enjoy in the breathtaking views and explore the wild nature, trekking on island of Mljet is the right decision. 

The 43 km marked hiking route offers stunning views of the Velebit, the Pelješac peninsula, the lakes in the Mljet National Park and the Adriatic sea. You can climb the hills, walk through the pine forests, explore small local villages and enjoy in the endless beauty of Mljet, the magical island.


Dive Into The Deep Blue Sea

If you enjoy in active holidays, you will certainly want to explore the Mljet’s rich underwater world. With the warm and clear Adriatic sea, underwater caves and coral reefs, an attractive endemic flora and fauna species, you will be charmed in every single day or night dive. There are professional courses and diving schools offered with different levels for the beginners and for the experienced divers.

As Jacques Cousteau said once, Mljet is one of the best diving destinations in the world!

Wine tourism

If There Is Wine Heaven - It’s Here

Mljet is not only known for its natural beauty, but also for its exceptional local products. The wine tradition dates back to the ancient Greeks who brought the wine to the Croatian islands, and were followed by the Romans. As almost half of the island is under the protection of the Mljet National Park, the wine making has to be strategically planned.

If you are interested in wine tasting on Mljet, you will be able to taste one of the best Croatian white and red wines, with a piece of goat’s cheese and a drop of homemade olive oil, a delicious refreshment that pairs beautifully with a glass of wine.