1. Discover a secret place.

Mljet island, or as some call it nature’s masterpiece, is like an untouched pearl. You don’t need to go far from the resort to find the quiet places. It could be the beach, the pine trees forest or simply the nearest hill, from where you can enjoy in the magnicifent sea view and in silence.

2. Join the locals and go fishing.

Fishing is still one of the main activities for the local people. Almost every house has a fishing boat and a fisherman. Join them in the evening and learn the history and tactics of fishing with nets, or by a fishing poll. Then wake up early in the morning and go to see the catch from the previous night.

3. Take a long nap after lunch in the shadow of the pine trees on the beach.

Holidays are the perfect time to take all the naps we couldn’t have at home! Do as the locals do and take afternoon »siesta«. Saplunara beach near the resort is a quiet coastal area which is situated in a bay about a mile long, and surrounded by a thick pine forest. Find your shadow and get a good nap.

4. Watch the sunset from our infinity pool and think about delicious dinner the chef is preparing for you.

Imagine yourself floating in the infinity pool, just a few moments before the sunset. The delicious dinner is getting prepared, but you are not in a hurry. All you need to do, is step from the pool and get awesome.

5. Eat something good.

When you travel and you really want to taste the food, you must eat where the locals eat. Enjoy in our delicious cuisine with daily fresh fish and seafood, or great home reared meat prepared by the traditional Dalmatian methods. You will not need to reserve the sea view table, as our dining terrace is just next to the sea!